What Pleat Style You Should Pick for Your Drapes

With so many options available, choosing the perfect pleat style for your home can be difficult and overwhelming. It involves balancing aesthetics and functionality to find the right match. Here is a quick guide to help you decide which pleat style is for you!

Barn & Willow currently offers four pleating styles: Soft Top, Two-Pinch Pleats, Three-Pinch Pleats, and Euro Pleats. (If you're interested in other pleating styles, feel free to contact us!)


Soft Top

Belgian Flax Linen Draperies in Mist Gray courtesy of sfgirlbybay.

Soft top draperies have no pleats. When paired with our Belgian linen fabrics, they offer a simple sophistication to your rooms. The benefit of the soft top style is that it is sleek and modern, yet extremely functional, as well. This is a great option if you plan on opening and closing your drapes everyday, as they are easy to slide.


Two-Pinch Pleats

Two-Pinch Pleats, otherwise known as double pleats, are a beautiful addition to the home, as they are classic yet stylistic. They use less fabric their traditional counterpart, the three-pinch pleat, while offering the same control when opening and closing the draperies.

Three-Pinch Pleats

Belgian Linen Oyster Drapes with Three-Pinch Pleats courtesy of Miss Mustard Seed.

Three-pinch pleats, also known as the three-finger pinch pleat, are the most common type of pleat. There are three pleats that are pinched together, and offer greater fullness to the draperies than the two-pinch option. These add sophistication and elegance to a room of great grandeur. 

Euro Pleat

Euro pleats are pinched at the top but open up at the bottom, allowing the fabric to billow away to the floor. This modern rendition on the classic pinch pleat looks great in both modern and traditional rooms, making it a beautifully versatile option for your home.


Now that you know what pleat style to get...Start Designing!