Meet Heather - Our Rockstar Social Media Manager & A Soldier

Barn & Willow Social Media Manager Heather McBirney

Today I feel super excited to feature the person behind our weekly blogs and our social media - Heather our social media manager.

Heather loves creative writing and likes to squeeze in cooking, reading, and family time in between blogging, posting on Instagram, and sighing over all-too-perfect Pinterest pictures.

Trisha Roy Heather McBirney Barn & Willow Veterans Day

Above: Trisha Roy, founder of Barn & Willow, chats with Heather over a cup of coffee

During the week, Heather manages Barn & Willow’s social media and online content.  On weekends she is a soldier with the Army’s 352nd Combat Support Hospital.


  • Heather, Tell us a bit about a typical day in your life
  • Every morning starts with coffee.  No exception.  Because I live with my sister, and my sister is an angel, the coffee is usually already brewing when I get downstairs.  Then it’s business as usual…. checking in with all of you lovelies on email and social media, blogging, cooking, and reading.


  • What draws you towards military service?
  • I believe as humans we are most fulfilled when we are serving others.  This manifests itself differently with every person.  One of the ways I choose to serve is in the Army and it’s benefited me tremendously.  I’ve grown, learned invaluable lessons and leadership skills, and made lifelong friends.


  • You recently redesigned your house - Tell us about your decor style
  • I love blending functionality with style.  I own a small apartment and the clean modern lines open up the space and allow a few of my favorite staple pieces, like my sofa, to really shine.


  • 3 Must Haves next to your bed
  • Down comforters with a chic duvet is a must have for me.  My mother gave me one for my bed as a young girl and I’ve never gone back!

    Windows.  I’m a huge fan of natural light and let’s be honest, how dreamy is it to wake up on a Saturday morning with the warm sun on your face?  To make my bedroom a private retreat, I always make sure to install some drapes.

    Full length mirrors are a girl’s best friend.  Whether it’s a stand alone piece or part of the closet door, it’s an essential!


  • You keep the Barn & Willow community connected on Instagram. But who is your favorite Instagram account to follow?
  • I love following mommy bloggers.  They’re superwomen - managing a household, caring for kids, and creating this beautiful and inspirational online content.  Emily Meyers of The Freckled Fox does a superb job of connecting style, design, cooking, and fitness.  Plus her kids are adorable!



  • Fun fact about you that no one knows (yet)
  • Wanderlust and a love of travel is in my blood.  Several years of my childhood was spent living in the jungles of Ecuador with my pet monkey and a killer bug collection.  The summer after my 18th birthday, my sister and I took off for a month-long, cross-country road trip, sleeping in the back of my Honda CRV and living off of coffee and beef jerky.


    I don’t get to blog that often but my coffee chat with Heather on a rainy afternoon was super fun blogging about.