Meet Barn & Willow's Fabrics: The Eco Edit

Happy Earth Day from all of us at Barn & Willow! From delicious fruits and vegetables to beautiful views and hiking trails, we’re always in awe of the beauty that takes place on earth. But we’re also aware of the threats towards the wellbeing of the earth today. As a company, we know that we have a duty to make sure our actions don’t contribute to these threats. One of the reasons we love our fabrics so much revolves around our mission to care for our earth.

Hands hold flax stalks in their palm.

Linen is made from the fibrous skin on flax stalk,

which you might recognize as the plant whose seeds became a popular health food craze a few years ago. It makes one of the strongest, prettiest, and most eco-friendly fabrics out there, but not many people know how beneficial it is for the earth too!

Large rolls of tan linen thread

Did you know that flax is an excellent break crop? It only has to be renewed in rotation every seven years, and creates the optimal soil quality for crops the following year, allowing for better harvests. It also doesn’t need irrigation, as rainwater is enough to sustain it, and it requires very little fertilizer.

Growing flax is also great for biodiversity and the surrounding landscape, as it uses minimal resources and doesn’t spew harmful chemicals when in production. Hooray for flax!

A black and white image of a worker weaving fabric on a machine.

We’re also very proud of our Organic Cotton fabrics,

which are certified by the Global Organic Textile Standards. That means they’re created with cotton that is grown naturally, without the use of pesticides and processed in ways that don’t involve harmful chemicals leading to zero chemicals in the environment and zero chemicals in your home.

Check back on the blog for the next eco edit to learn about what Barn & Willow is doing to make our packaging more eco-friendly!

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