Calcuating Dimensions...

What are you looking to get sizing for?

Choose One
drapes Drapes
shades Roman Shades
rollershade Roller Shade

What style of drape would you like?

Choose One
soft top drapery Soft Top No pleats on top. For a casual look.
pleated drapery Pleated For a stuctured, modern look.
Grommets drapery Grommets For a stuctured, modern look.

Do you have a drapery rod installed already?

Choose One
yes rod Yes I have a rod installed already.
no rod No I don't have a rod installed yet.

What style of mount would you like?

Choose One
outside mount Inside Mount
outside mount Outside Mount

For inside mount, make sure your window frame depth is at least 2 inches for track to perfectly align with window frame.

What's your rod length?

rod width window width inside width outside width

For accurate sizing, we recommend measuring in 3 location of the window.

How many inches beyond the window frame would the rod extend?

extend past window extend past window

To provide max window exposure, let drapery rod extend at least 6-10 inches on either side.

Enter height from rod to floor.

rod height info grommet window height inside window height outside window height

Enter height between rod and frame.

space between rod and window space for mount above window

We recommend rods to be at least 6-8 inches above window frame.

Do you want single or split panels?

Choose One
single panel Single Panel
split panels Split Panels

What kind of finished look would you like for your drapes?
Choose fullness based on that.

Choose One
double fullness 2x Fullness Nicely gathered with soft pleats on top.
2x Fullness strongly recommended.
half fullness 1.5x Fullness Not recommened for windows beyond 50" wide to avoid drapes looking flat.
no fullness No Fullness Will get a flat sheet like look when kept drawn in.

What kind of finished length would you like for your drapes?

Choose One
look above floor 1/2 Above Floor
look at floor Break On Floor
look puddle Slight Puddle On Floor