Belgian Linen Factory

We’ve combed the globe to find and work with the best factories in the world - the same as those that manufacture products for other high-end retailers. They’ve been evaluated for quality and craftsmanship, business ethics and price.

The Belgian Linen Factory

Meulebeke, Belgium

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How We Found It

When we looked at some of the Belgian linen based products at luxury retailers we wanted to trace down which factories they were made in. Extensive research on the web and few industry connections led us to Mr. Thomas, our contact at this factory in Belgium. After a few visits to the factory in Belgium and a series of conversations we placed our first batch of order.


About the Factory

Established around 1858, this mill is located in Meulebeke, Belgium - a small village between Bruges and the French border.  From plant to fabric - they have been producing linen for 150 years. Known for their superior craftsmanship and an impeccable finish they develop new production methods, fully respecting the environment and maintain a perfectly  balanced working environment where each employee is a key part of their factory. Today they account for more than 66% of total Belgian Linen production.

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The Process

The Belgian linen fabric travels from Belgium to India where our expert drapery and pillow craftsmen cut the fabric and stitch the pillow covers and draperies. These craftsmen have been stitching draperies and pillows for over 3 generations and are passionate about every details of the stitch. This small stitch factory is based in Delhi - Okhla region. One of our friends knew a lot of such factories in India and hence made an introduction for us. After visiting few such factories in and around Delhi, we decided to partner with this one, because of their very ethical treatment of their workers, neat and clean work space and their amazing craftsmanship.  We personally spent days visiting the factory and seeing them make our products. We are very happy to partner with them.

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