The Wool Throw Factory

Gurgaon, India

How We Found It

Fascinated with the chic contemporary throw designs found at some of the well known home decor brands we started looking for the source of origin. Our friends in India connected us to Ms. Neeru in New Delhi who designed and manufactured these beautiful throws in her factory.

About the Factory

The factory is located in Gurgaon, New Delhi and employs mostly women who do most of the handloom and hand stitching for the throws. Ms. Neeru holds one of the most coveted degrees in textile designs from National Institute of India and has been producing truly exclusive designs for over 20 years. She is a wonderful lady and treated her handloom craftsmen like her own family. We got along pretty well and she decided to help me with our first order of the woolen and silk throws.

The Process

The wool and silk throws are hand crafted by the best handloom craftsmen in India. They not only produce throws but also work on stitching blankets and pillow covers. We were highly impressed by their dedication, precision and their good nature. All the throws are made and shipped to our office in California, which then gets packed and shipped out to customers within U.S.

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Meet Carftsmen Who Are Stitching Your Throws


Seema has a huge passion for the intricate designs she gets to stitch. She always has a smile on her face and says her son likes to take pictures of her so she always has to be ready with a smile on her face


She has been working on handloom products for over 2 decades and feels this style of textile work adds a special charm to any product