A Quick Fix for Major Summer Problems

How do you plan on refreshing your house this summer?

For the past week, the temperature has been looming around 85 to 95°F here in the San Francisco Bay Area, and boy, have we been feeling the summer heat! While we love the summer, we do have some grievances!

Here’s some summer problems and how blackout lined draperies can fix them.

  1. The sun rises too early / sets too late
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While we enjoy the natural lighting during the day, it can inhibit sleep or wake you up earlier than intended. With the sun rising at early hours during the summertime, sometimes waking up to the sun rising isn't an option. Blackout lining "blacks out" light from natural and artificial sources outside, ensuring that you have a sound sleep at night.

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If you want the sheer drapery look during the summer, consider pairing sheers with blackout lined drapes. This allows for greater versatility in controlling privacy and the amount of light you let in.

  1. It's too hot
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Because Barn & Willow is based in California, we're all too familiar with the summer heat. Air conditioning skyrockets utility bills, especially with daily use. Windows are the primary cause of energy loss during the summer (and during the winter), with drafty windows allowing air leakage. Blackout draperies are great for offering additional insulation, keeping the heat out during the summer and in during the winter.

  1. It’s too loud outside

Late sunsets and summer holidays means that you, or your neighbors will be up later. From barbeques that extend into late night to overactive cicadas (and other creatures), noise is definitely an issue! Blackout lined draperies reduce sound, muffling them for a better night’s sleep.


How about some blackout draperies for your windows?

*choose blackout as the lining when customizing!