Adding Pops of Orange to Your Home Decor

Orange is the new black, or so we heard. Orange is probably the hardest color to add to your home decor, mainly because a little goes a long way. Despite the challenge, tasteful, bold colors can completely transform a room with minimal effort.
This is our roundup of great orange home decor pieces. 
This Urban Outfitters industrial chair will add a touch of flair to any room. 
A fun shaped lamp like this orange one instantly adds personality to your table. 
A large orange marquee letter (or letters!) are a fun way to add personality to a room. 
Big enough to snuggle up in on a lazy Sunday afternoon. 
We carry this summer peach cotton throw in our Barn and Willow shop. It instantly adds a pop of color to your couch or favorite chair!


orange jar candle barn and willow


Small things like this orange jar candle are subtle ways to add color to your shelves or coffee table.  


modern orange flower pot


This modern orange flower pot really works because of its chic, square shape. 

orange geometric rug


We love this rug because it isn't entirely orange. The geometric pattern makes the intense orange color less intense and turning it into a smart home decor choice. 

We hope you try adding some pops of color to your home decor. We would love to see any photos you guys have of your spring decor endeavors!