Customer Spotlight: Day In The Life of a Mom


Mother's Day is almost here! In honor of all the great moms out there, we connected with a Barn and Willow customer who bought our drapes for her new nursery. Michaela is a Texan mother of three and she's giving you (and us!) insights on what it's like to be a new mom and home decor tips for when you have a family. 

Hi Michaela! So Mother’s Day is almost here. What has been your biggest surprise about being a mother?

This is tough... I think the biggest two things are realizing how selfless you truly can be and realizing how much you can truly love!

Do you plan your day in advance? Any tips on how to plan the day with three kids in tow?

I do my best to plan, but between crazy work schedules and three kids I lose every time! I do allow an hour to myself every morning at 5am to workout, that's my sanity / "me time" where I gather my thoughts and try to plan the day effectively.

How has your home decor style changed since you’ve become a Mom?

It really hasn't changed much but if anything it's become more casual.

What kind of colors do you like to infuse in your home now and why?

Right now our home is filled with gray tones, they are peaceful and calm.

Calming colors are a good idea! When did you begin planning for the baby's nursery and was the first thing you purchased for that space?

 I had 2 boys prior to this baby, so when I found out it was a girl I knew I wanted pink walls!

We love pink walls! How did you want the nursery to feel?

 I wanted her nursery to be peaceful, calm but a little chic, too.

Why did you select a neutral shade of drapes for the nursery?

I wanted both her and I to feel relaxed. (Michaela had bought our Belgian Linen Natural draperies)

What is your idea of a perfect Mother’s Day?

Toes in the sand, boys surfing and my baby playing in the sand.


Sound fun! Tell us about your favorite Mother’s day so far.

I think last year was my favorite Mother's Day, it was the first one with our little girl and at that point I knew our family was complete!

What are a few of your favorite Mother’s Day Gifts?

Some of the best gifts are the ones that they've made me. I love when they bring the breakfast that they've made for me into my bed.. The excitement that they have when they say, " look what I made you," is priceless!

Thank you Michaela for chatting with us and giving us a peek inside your life as a Mom! We wish all you mothers and expecting mothers out there a very happy Mother's Day!