How To Decorate For A Dreamy Summer Patio



Ahh, summer. The time for short shorts, sunburns, cold lemonade and bare feet. We love summer here at Barn and Willow for all of those reasons, but also because we love outdoor patios! Dreamy, beautiful ones are the best - perfect for casual summer evenings with your family to large parties. Since summer is in full swing, we rounded up our favorite tips for decorating a dream summer patio. 

1. Hang Outdoor String Lights


We love outdoor string lights. They instantly create a vibe of romance and whimsy. We suggest hanging enough lights to comfortably see at night, but not too many that it's too bright and overwhelming. 


2. Mason Jar Center Pieces with Flowers



Mason jars are totally rustic and romantic - we love to use them for so many purposes in decor, but especially as flower centerpieces. Feel free to use a plain jar or dress it up with pain or twine. 

3. Fun Throw Pillows


The best summer patios are the ones that are dressed up with great throw pillows. Fun designs add a pop of color and the pillows themselves are great to cuddle on day or night. You can get this pillow here.

 4. Invest In Great Furniture 


To make sure your outdoor patio is ready for summer, invest in some top-notch patio furniture. Get enough that you can host a few people over at once and consider getting a bright colored fabric if you aren't a fan of the neutrals. 

5. Cozy up with a throw blanket!

The last must-have for a perfect dreamy summer patio is a good throw blanket. Our new cotton Herringbone throw is perfect since it's light weight but warm, so it can be used in the day or evening. 


We love patios and we love summer. We hope these tips help you build your dream summer patio!