4 Stylish Houseplants the Barn & Willow Team Keeps on Their Windowsills

Your windowsills are brimming with design potential—it just takes a few stylish houseplants. So we asked our team at Barn & Willow to share what houseplants are gracing their windowsills at home, and they had lots to share. From Philodendrons to Fiddle Leaf Figs, here are four sleek houseplants you’ll find inside some of our team members’ spaces.

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 Image via Style Me Pretty

1. Monstera

I love how the large leaves of a Monstera add to the overall decor of a space. You can place one in a dark corner next to some white drapes to instantly brighten up your living room. Trisha (Founder)

2. Philodendron Green and Fiddle Leaf Figs

I love the big bright green leaves and soft textures of Philodendron Green plants and Fiddle Leaf Figs. I have them both in my living room, which has large windows that look into our backyard that is also very green. It brings that outside, natural element into my house which I think brings a sense of peace and tranquility. Tracy (Head of Partnerships)

3. String of Pearls 

My housemates and I bought three String Of Pearls plants and hung them against the sheer drapes in our kitchen to create a super cute cooking space. The pearls add texture against the soft drapes and provide a great pop of green to bring life to our otherwise bland white apartment kitchen. April (Design Specialist)

4. Philodendron Green

I hung a big, sprawling Philodendron Green next to my bedroom window because it wasn't getting light where it used to be. Now, in the morning, the sun filters through the leaves to create the most beautiful light patterns on my wall. It makes waking up in the morning almost bearable! Andrea (Marketing Manager)

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