4 Things Nobody Tells You About Window Treatments

So you’ve made the decision that it’s time to buy new window treatments. But where do you even start? It’s not as simple of a purchase as just picking out a couch or a dresser—there are quite a few things that go into the decision. To get you prepared, here are 4 things nobody tells you about window treatments.

Custom doesn't have to empty your wallet

In the past, those who were to style their windows with drapes or shades wouldn't even consider window treatments that were specifically made for their windows. That's because custom-sized window treatments used to cost an arm and a leg, that is until Barn & Willow was born. Now you can order drapes and shades that actually fit your windows, not just barely. We're looking at you, long and skinny window. 

White Roman Shade on a dark green wall

There are multiple styles

Gone are the days that you’re stuck with whatever option you've found at the local store. With online shopping, you can choose exactly what you want and even see it in person first through try-at-home programs. Drapes or shades? Soft top or pleated? There's a style for any and every mood. 

Need help picking the right style for space? Book a complimentary appointment with our Design Specialist team at a time you're available!


Barn & Willow 2-pinch pleated drapery fan pleats

Drapery and Curtains aren't the same things

Trust us, we see where the confusion comes from when it comes to drapes and curtains, but they really aren't the same thing! The difference comes primarily in their functionality: where curtains are primarily used for decorative purposes while drapery is used to provide privacy, insulation, or to block out light.

Curtains tend to be very thin and sheer drapery is made of thicker, more substantial fabric. Drapery is made of thicker, quality fabric and can be lined for different purposes. 


White drapes curtains hanging from a black curtain rod

Dimensions really make a difference

Purchasing drapes at the store can be so frustrating when they’re just a tad too long, short, wide, or thin for your windows. Off-the-shelf drapes also make it difficult to find ones that will allow you to put your curtain rod close to the ceiling, a trick that will make your room look so much larger than it did before. The beautiful thing about made-to-order window treatments is that they are made to fit your window perfectly. 

Now that you’re all set to pick out window treatments, head to our swatch page and pick out 10 free swatches, on us!

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