Announcing our Latest Collection!

We have some exciting news! 

Recently, we introduced a new line of drapery fabrics.  Similar to our popular Belgian Linen Collection, this new collection will add style and refinement to any interior.  

The latest addition to our linen products is a range of Belgian Flax draperies. Flax yarn offers both softness and durability. The fabric is woven from certified European flax, and finished in India at one of the industry’s leading mills.

Barn and Willow is currently offering four fabric options as part of the Belgian flax linen drapery collection:

Mist Grey

This soft pearly grey offers a cool neutral window treatment.  Depending on the colors of your interior space, it may appear more grey or blue.  (I've fallen in love with my friend's dining room where she used these curtains to complement her navy blue accent wall and decor!)


Creamy and serene, this fabric compliments any room, particularly those that seek warm, neutral colors.  With the same tones, this fabric is similar to our popular sheer oatmeal draperies.   


Off White

For a window that requires attention but need not draw attention, off white draperies are the perfect choice.  Understated and elegant, off white soothes the eye and provides softness and depth to what may be a very startling bare window.  Suited for either a more modern or traditional look, this fabric is the more substantial version of our sheer off white draperies.   

Optic White

Nothing says simple and modern like a clear, bright optic white.  This all-natural fabric adds instant brightness to interior spaces.  The snow white fabric reflects light and the light color enlarges the space, making it perfect for a smaller room.  The pure white color also lends itself to a more modern design scheme.


As fabulous as these pictures are, nothing compares to holding an actual fabric sample in your hand!  Order an array of fabric samples...your choice, for free!