How to Measure for Curtains

Rod Pocket

When planning a window treatment, careful measuring is the key to achieving the look you want.  For great results, follow these step-by-step instructions to determine the panel length and hanging option you need.

Pictured above: Our dark grey Belgian linen draperies

1.  Choose a style

Before even starting to measure, decide on a look.  This is important when selecting window treatments as they tie the room together and are the final word on the room's design.  Opting for a rod pocket style versus a soft top style will affect the look of your space.  All of our draperies accommodate both styles.

Rod Pocket

Pictured above: Our Belgian textured linen flax draperies in a soft top style

The soft top style featured above is easy to accomplish using the band that comes sewn onto all of our draperies (below).  Simply add hooks and voila! Your curtains are ready to be hung.

Pictured above: Like all of our draperies, our sheer off white Belgian linen draperies come with a band for hooks.

In addition to the soft top style, our draperies will also accommodate a rod for a fuller look.  Each panel also includes a rod pocket at the top.  Simply thread your rod through the space and you're good to go.

Rod Pocket

Pictured above: Belgian textured linen flax draperies, hung using the rod pocket

2. Measure your panel length

If you have installed drapery rods, determine your panel length from the bottom of the rod to the floor.  Deduct 1/2 inch for floor clearance or add 2-3 inches for a light puddle, as seen below.  

If you have not installed drapery rods, measure from window top trim to the floor.  To visually heighten the room, your drapery rods should be placed at the ceiling line or as close to the crown moulding as possible.  Alternatively, you could choose to install your drapery rod 6-8" above the window trim.  If you choose to install the rod 6-8" above the window trim, then add 6-8" extra to the measurement of your window from top of trim to floor.  If you choose to install the drapery rod at another height, then simply add that distance to your original trim to floor measurement.  Deduct 1/2 inch for floor clearance or add 2-3 inches for a light puddle.


Pictured above: Our sheer off white Belgian linen draperies 

3. Measure your panel width 

If you already have a drapery rod installed, measure the entire length, from one end to the other, excluding the finials or cap.

If you have not installed drapery rods, then measure the horizontal width of the window from trim to trim.  For the best look, drapery rods should extend at least 8" beyond the frame on each side, so add 6-8" to each side of your horizontal window measurement.  

Pictured above: Our sheer off white Belgian linen draperies 

4.  Add fullness

For fullness, multiply the width (rod length or window width, plus the 6-8" extra for rod extension) by the desired fullness.  We recommend two times the fullness.

Pictured above: Our Belgian linen oyster draperies 

Now comes the fun part: choosing fabrics!  Don't forget to order your free swatches today.  Every swatch order comes with a free step by step measuring guide!  

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