How to Identify Quality Drapes

At Barn & Willow, we're committed to the highest quality, labor, and environmental standards.

Here's the scoop on how to spot quality drapes.


All of Barn & Willow's linen is certified by a third party to ensure that we continue to provide best Belgian linen window treatments for your home.

Barn & Willow offers two different drapery lines that differ slightly, each certified by masters of the craft.  The latest addition to our linen products (featured below) is a range of Belgian Flax draperies. Flax yarn offers both softness and durability. The fabric is woven from certified European flax, and finished in India at one of the industry’s leading mills.

Belgian Flax Linen Mist Grey Draperies

Belgian Flax Linen Oatmeal Draperies

The European Flax association certifies a subset of linens as "European Flax Linen". This certification is granted to mills located outside Europe that are spinning linens using European flax. In order to receive this certification, mills are thoroughly audited by the European Flax Association for certain quality and environmental standards.


Barn & Willow also offers draperies that are certified Belgian linen.  Carefully woven with pure Belgian grown flax in the oldest and finest mill in Belgium our textured Belgian linens are rich and elegant.  These draperies are made 100% in Belgium - from plant to fabric.

If you want to get the finest quality, highly durable and the most naturally made linen, look for the "Masters of Linen" label. This is granted by the Masters of Linen Club to finished linen products produced in Western Europe and meeting all the highest degrees of quality, labor standards and eco-friendly environmental standards required by the association.   

In addition to the Masters of Linen label our linens also contain the Certificate of Origin tag. This certificate guarantees that the linen was made entirely in Belgium which is the best linen making country of Europe.