5 Beautiful Home Accents You Can Buy at Anthropologie (Along with Our Roman Shades!)

Our friends at Anthropologie are no strangers to chic, quality textiles and home furnishings. That’s why it should come as no surprise then that for the first time ever, the brand will be selling Roman shades courtesy of Barn & Willow! To celebrate, we rounded up five of our favorite home decor items at Anthropologie for your perusal. From a shapely vase to a tasseled storage basket, here’s what we found.  

 1. Mia Vase, $58

vase, home decor ideasImage courtesy of Anthropologie

An attractive vase can turn any humdrum surface of your home into a stylish display in seconds. Composed of matte earthenware, the minimalist Mia Vase at Anthropologie brings a modern touch to any table.  

2. Betania Side Table, $298

home decor ideasImage courtesy of Anthropologie

Never underestimate the impact of sleek and shapely side table next to a living room sofa or chair. The Betania Side Table is hand-carved from tropical hardwood and features a bleached white finish that looks sophisticated in any space.

3. Sculpted Rattan Mirror, $228

home decor ideas

Image courtesy of Anthropologie

Searching for a stylish way to make a boho-style statement in your home? The Sculpted Rattan Mirror is handcrafted from natural rattan and is every bit as artful in a room as it is functional.

4. Jolene Napkins (Set of 4), $24

home decor ideas

Image courtesy of Anthropologie

A little color goes a long way on a table spread. These cotton Jolene Napkins come in a range of bold hues, including gray, violet, and sky blue, that will bring an instant pop of color and personality to any table.

5. Balinese Tassel Basket, $78

home decor ideas

Image courtesy of Anthropologie

When all else fails, you can always count on a chic storage basket to score some extra storage space in your bathroom. The Balinese Tassel Basket is handmade from twisted pandanus wood and provides a pretty place to stash towels, toiletries, and other bathroom essentials.