5 Stylish Ways to Repurpose Your Old Drapes

If you were under the impression that your old curtains were no longer of serviceable use, then you’d be mistaken. Your used drapes are actually rife with design potential—it just takes a little imagination.

Since Barn & Willow is all about sustainability—it’s the reason we only use nontoxic, eco-friendly materials—we rounded up a handful of clever ways to repurpose your drapes when you’re done with them. From bed canopies to shower curtains and more, here are a handful of stylish ways to reuse your drapery panels when you’re no longer using them as window treatments.

 drapery decorating ideas

Image by @wingit via @barnandwillow

1. Make bed canopies.

Nothing livens up a bedroom faster than a canopy bed with curtains. Dress up a drab bed setup by hanging two pairs of old drapes canopy-style above (and around) your bed by using some of Barn & Willow’s ceiling-mountable drapery hardware.

2. Score a showy shower curtain.

Why settle for a humdrum shower curtain when you can employ a dazzling drapery panel instead? Pair a retired drapery panel with a shower curtain liner —you may need to add new holes to align them properly for hanging hooks—to score an elevated bathroom display in no time.

3. DIY your own room dividers.

Searching for a sophisticated way to carve out distinct zones in an open layout space? Instead of investing in bulky room dividers, hang your used drapes from a suspended ceiling rod to separate different areas of your home in style.

4. Fashion a cool closet coverup.

No doors on your closet or kitchen pantry? No problem. Hang an old drapery panel or two from a rod inside your closet or pantry to DIY a chic door display that will conceal your unattractive stuff from plain sight.

5. Design your own throw pillows.

Love the look of your favorite patterned drapes but just can’t make them work in your new home? Cut up your old curtains and refashion them into adorable throw pillows with the help of a reliable sewing machine.  

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