5 Ways to Use Drapes You Probably Haven’t Thought Of

If you thought your Barn & Willow drapes were reserved for your windows then it’s time to think again. From sleek room dividers to closet covers and more, here are a handful of unexpectedly stylish ways you can use your curtains at home—no window frames necessary.

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Image by @jennasuedesign via @barnandwillow

1. Room Dividers

Searching for a sophisticated way to define some distinct zones in an open-layout space? Hang some flowy drapes from a suspended ceiling rod to separate the living and dining areas from a sleeping space in your open loft or studio.

2. Closet Covers

Why settle for humdrum closet doors when you can have stylish French-inspired ones instead? Take a cue from Jenna Sue of Jenna Sue Design and use our drapes behind your bi-fold doors to DIY your own French-style closet at home.  

3. Make a Nook

If you’ve been dreaming of forging your own reading or napping nook at home, then we have the solution for you. Hang a pretty pair of drapes perpendicularly in a corner of your living room and lay some plush pillows down to carve out a cozy nook for lounging.

4. Hide storage

No doors on your closet? No problem. Hang a drapery panel or two from a tension rod inside your closet to score a surprisingly chic closet door that will conceal your unattractive storage from plain sight.

5. To frame flashy furnishings

Nothing draws attention to a prominent piece of art or furniture like a sleek pair of drapes framing it. Mount a curtain rod above large-scale artwork so you can frame it with drapes for a sophisticated display or flank your bed frame with beautiful drapes in place of a traditional headboard.

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