Designing Your Dining Room

Family dinners, meetings, and science project prep all take place in the dining room. We're sharing some ways to keep it bright but still stylish.

1.  Lighting

The lighting in a space changes the mood of a room just as it does the perceived size of a room.  Utilizing and controlling natural light is not only a great aesthetically, but it is also more environmentally friendly and cost effective.  Investing in high quality shades or drapes with light blocking or light mitigating abilities will set the light tone for color selection and furniture placement.


Shop this look: Belgian Sheer Linen Off White Drapes

Shop this look: Belgian Linen Textured Flax Drapes

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2.  Table Size

Consider the size and use of the room to determine how big or small the table should be.  I'm a big fan of an adjustable table with leaves than can expand or shrink to fit the situation.  Need more storage or table space?  A sleek sideboard can offer convenient storage and a place for drinks or serving dishes.

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3. Vary the Height and Texture of the Room's Elements

Add visual interest by choosing furniture pieces of varying height, such as a tall cupboard or shelves or use tall accent pieces.  Layer to create texture and depth.

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4. Dress Up Your Walls

It's an old trick, but mirrors really do expand a room.  Adding bold and colorful prints brightens up a room too.  Try mixing and matching for a gallery art look.

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