9 Chic Ways to Create a Spot for Your Pet

Everybody loves their furry friends, so why not create a beautiful space for them like we do for ourselves? Interior decor doesn’t just apply to people! We love finding new ways to bump up the aesthetic in our homes, and creating comfy places to rest for our pets that double as a chic space within the home is a perfect way to do so. Throw out the torn up PetSmart dog bed and try out one of these sweet ideas!

1. A pup leash/bed station

Pet station

From PupStyle

You already have a space that maybe is a bit of an eyesore (coat/key hanger, towel rack, cabinets, etc.), so why not utilize that space under it to add some cuteness to it? Having your pet nod off here won’t get in your way (no more tripping over Fluffy in the middle of the kitchen!) and will give him his own space that is rarely interfered with.

2. The New Cat’s Cradle

Cat bed

From homemydesign

For the lovers of old things and travel, turn an old suitcase into the cutest pet bed because it’s super cute and is good for the earth! This is a great option if you don’t like the generic fluffy beds that you’ll find at a traditional pet store. It’s also the DIY lover’s dream project.

3. The King’s Corner

Dog corner

From Room For Tuesday

We’re losing our minds over pup Finn’s miniaturized, crown-molded corner. It’s honestly better than what some of us live in! Take inspiration from designer Sarah Gibson and create a sophisticated eating nook that all the neighborhood pups will envy.

4. Combat the couch potato

Dog Couch

From Pinterest

Who else has the problem of not letting your dog on the couch, but then you see those irresistible puppy dog eyes and bring him on up? Solve your pup woes by including this separated section of the couch that makes them feel at home. Either add in a small pillowed piece yourself or find a couch with one already attached.

5. Even better than Febreeze

Cat Litter Box

From Amazon

The disadvantage of having a cat in a small home is the lack of space to put a litter box. First, it’s smelly. Second, it’s ugly! Most people stash it in the bathroom, but even that can be such an eyesore if you have guests over. An awesome solution is this litter box hidden in a plant. The product controls dust and odor, and even gives shy cats that bit of privacy they need! You can even paint it to match your room if you wanted. So sweet!

6. Now that’s a crate idea

Pet bowl crate

From Sew Woodsy

Another pain of having a dog...when he gets so excited to eat that he spills all the kibble in the food bowl right when he gets it! We can’t say we don’t understand (you should see us on pizza night), but at least we clean up after ourselves. To solve this problem, attach your food bowls to the inside of an old crate; it will be too heavy for your pup to shake it around, allowing for clean eating! Plus, you can easily store it away when you have guests over (even though the rustic design is so cute, you may not want to!)

7. Getting All the Angles

Puppy Tower

From Pinsit

You can never fail by going geometric. Angles create are a simple and sophisticated way to add aesthetic to a furry friend’s bed. Keeping it opening like the picture above keep the room feeling open and uncluttered, plus it is oh-so-chic.

8. Ditch the Tower

Cat Ladder

From Etsy

Let's be honest here, cat towers are pretty unsightly. Why can’t they ever fit into interior decor? The solution is here ladies and gentlemen. Cat ladders. They’re aesthetically pleasing and your feline friends will love being able to get to high places. The best part is you can make it easily with some wood and sisal rope.

9. Mud room or pup room?


From Clairebella Studio

Turn your mudroom into a dual purpose resting area for your pets. We’re in love with the simple decor of this one by Clairebella Studio. It’s light and fresh and doesn’t scream that you have pets in the home!