Easy DIY floral arrangement ideas for spring!

April showers bring May flowers, as the old adage says… So, as we’re springing into May, we’re bringing you some floral arrangement ideas to brighten up your home. Follow along on our Pinterest board here!

For springtime, here's a few of our favorite blooms that are in season:

Now that you know what's in season, let's get to arranging!

Mason Jars

left: project wedding | right: beach blues

Mason jars are super versatile and can be used for storing virtually anything, so it's not a huge stretch to use them to display flowers! It's a simple and elegant way to add a bit of flair to your room. Too plain? Paint them!

Add Citrus

right: country living

These lemon filled vases are not only pretty, they're also beneficial to your blooms! Lemons inhibit bacterial growth, making your flowers last longer.

Use drinkware

left: oh joy! | right: food52

Pitchers and teacups are no longer only used for drinks! Take those mismatched teacups and fill them with cut flowers. If you have too many pitchers to count, instead of lemonade, make an arrangement with some beautiful tulips instead.

Go for the unconventional

from top left: southern living | a pretty cool life | indeed decor 

Get creative! Save those leftover berry baskets from the market to make little floral gifts for friends. (Or for your mom this Mother's Day!) Did you end up buying that four pound bag of carrots at Trader Joe's and now don't know what to do with the rest? Make a floral arrangement!


Got any other ideas? Share with us in the comments.


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