About Panels & Swatches

As many of you might know, we have two options for you to try our linen fabrics before buying them: you can order free swatches, or rent a drapery panel with our Try Before You Buy program! We talk about both of them below!

Free Swatches

Every computer monitor displays colors differently, so ordering free sample swatches is extremely important. We will send up to five fabric swatches of your choice for free to your home via first class mail. (Yes, this applies to our Canadian friends too!)


Take a look at this video where we talk about how to pick the right color for your curtains using our swatches! If you need more assistance, we also have a blog post that talks about how to coordinate your window treatments with your wall color!

Swatches and panels both come with measurement cards to help you order the right dimensions for your window treatments. We have a quick video guide for you below.

Sample Panels

If the swatches aren't large enough, we have a Try Before You Buy program, where you can rent a 25 inch (W) by 50 inch (L) drapery panel. Each panel costs $10 to rent, and must be returned within 7 days using the shipping label included in the box.

Panels are recirculated, so please return them (with the pins!) or you will be billed an additional fee. Once you place your drapery order, we will go ahead and refund the panel cost back to you. 

Our panels are made in Soft Top/Rod Pocket style. This means that they come with a drapery pin, which you can attach to your curtain ring to mimic how it would look. 

Because the panels are quite small, we typically recommend that you try hanging it in a "rod pocket" style. You slide the rod directly into the panel, and scrunch the fabric together to see how it might fall.

For more information about our sample panel program, definitely check out the video above!

Got your panels and swatches?