Behind the Scenes at Barn & Willow

We've gotten so many emails asking us whether or not we're going to be adding new drapery colors, and we're so happy to announce that yes, we'll be releasing a new collection!

On Wednesday, we had an exciting photoshoot in anticipation of our new product launch.

During the shoot, our founder, Trisha Roy, took a few photos from her iPhone, and we decided to share it with you. We're bringing you a behind-the-scenes look at how it went.

We started bright and early at 8 AM...

Our intern, Marta, was hard at work helping us make the set beautiful. (Thank you, Marta!)

Meanwhile, our model sat down with the makeup artist to get camera ready. For a shoot of this scale, makeup touch-ups and different outfits are necessary.

The photographer's assistant took test shots as the living room set was getting styled.

Does this home seem kind of familar? You might recognize it from A Peek into the Barn & Willow Founder's Home. Yep, it's Trisha's house!

All the rooms in the house were in use for this shoot. Here's the bedroom, where draperies are definitely a staple to block the pesky morning sun.

These draperies are our Belgian Textured Linen Draperies in Oyster. They've got an amazing texture to them, so grab a sample swatch!

Now for a sneak peek of our new colors! Your eyes aren't deceiving you - these draperies are Seafoam! They'll be available soon, so keep your eyes peeled for our announcement.


Refresh your home this summer with new draperies!