Belgian Linen for Every Room

When it comes to shopping for home textiles, we want a natural fabric that's durable and has longevity, can keep its color and texture wash after wash, with antibacterial and mildew resistant properties. Not only does linen tick all of these boxes, it's also hypoallergenic and eco-friendly as well. And Belgian linen? It's the highest quality linen that you can buy. (Read more about Belgian linen here.)

Due to these qualities, it's no wonder why Belgian linen is so highly sought after. From bedlinens to sofas, we'll show you how you can Belgian linen-fy your home.

The bathroom isn't always the first place where you think of putting linen, but in fact, their antimicrobial and hygroscopic (it can easily absorb and release moisture) properties make them an ideal choice for bathroom use. (Linen Spa Towel, $139, Linoto)

Speaking of towels, I'm sure we've all thrown away cotton kitchen towels that have grown tattered and worn. Linen fibers are long and thicker than cotton, making them stronger and longer lasting - giving them a usespan of 12 times that of cotton. These tea towels from Libeco are made from pure Belgian linen, perfect for drying and polishing dishes and glassware. (Camaret Tea Towel, starting from $16, Libeco)

Tablecloths are ideal place for Belgian linen - they get softer and more absorbant after each wash. Our pick is this beautiful natural linen tablecloth from Sur La Table that suits both Sunday dinners at home and home parties alike. (Linen Tablecloth, starting from $89.95, Sur La Table)

Belgian linen can be used for window coverings in any room. They're perfect for window coverings in kitchens and bathrooms as they don't mildew. In the bedroom, dining, and living rooms, the fabric gives you the right about of light control and insulation, ensuring that your home is not too bright when you're trying to rest, and not too cold in the winter. (Custom Belgian Linen Roman Shades, starting from $234, Barn & Willow)

Linen is an insulating and breathable fabric, making it a prime choice when it comes to bedding and clothing. A linen throw is great for keeping your body temperature regulated, no matter the season. (Linen Flat Weave Blanket, $425, Brahms Mount)

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