Color Crush: Decorating with Seafoam!

One of our favorite summer shades is seafoam green! It's a gorgeous green-blue pastel shade that adds a touch of cheer to any room. 

From full-on-seafoam....

To just an accent color, seafoam green is the perfect shade to add a touch of character to an otherwise neutral room. To use seafoam as an accent, consider matching it with cool, neutral tones, like whites or grays.

Mix and match it with a slightly darker and lighter shades for additional visual interest.

Afraid of going too green? Try pairing it with its complement red! Because seafoam is a light, pastel shade, go with a red in a similarly light hue, like pink. In this photo, we paired our Washed Belgian Linen drapes in Seafoam with a dusty rose duvet cover. 

Like in the following living room, against a neutral gray backdrop, hints of seafoam and pink together match beautifully.


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Do you like seafoam green? How would you use it in your room? Let us know in the comments!

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