4 tips to make your bathroom the perfect retreat

Too often an afterthought when it comes to decorating, the bathroom is an underappreciated space in one's home. The bathroom should be one's sanctuary, a place of cleanliness and relaxation, and it should be treated as such. Here's how to turn your bathroom from a too-cramped space, to a lovely retreat.

1. Get creative with the storage!

I'm sure you've entered many a bathroom with products piled across the sink. Not only is that unhygenic (bacteria from the toilet can spray up to 6 feet across the room - and the humidity from the shower doesn't help!), it's also visually unappealing. Keep your beauty products away from the bathroom, or at least hidden away in the cabinets.

We've seen many bathroom cabinets that haven't been used to their full potential. Rather than storing products upright, purchase an inexpensive drawer set that you can place inside the cabinet. You'll find that suddenly that your products are a lot easier to find.

No space on the ground for storage? Consider the walls. Mount a shelf above the toilet to store toilet paper rolls, or put extra towels above the bathroom door. 

2. Light the room up!

There's nothing more uncomfortable than a too-dark bathroom. Not only does it make an already small space feel even smaller, the lighting makes it difficult to apply cosmetics and other products.

To solve this problem, mount sconces at eye level next to the mirror. This will provide shadowless illumination, perfect for dental care, shaving, or makeup application.

We are huge supporters of windows in the bathroom. They give the room natural light and plenty of ventilation. Rather than blinds and shutters that limit your light control, opt for roman shades or cafe curtains that can give you privacy without compromising sunlight.

3. Add the greenery

As it's a small space with high humidity, the bathroom is the perfect place to inject a touch of greenery. Plants offer natural air filtration, and offer a slew of health benefits. If there's minimal light in the space, not to worry - opt for flourescent light bulbs that produce wavelengths that plants need.

For plants that grow well in high humid environments, we recommend orchids, ivy, cast iron plants, snake plants, or ferns. And don't worry about there being no space - you can hang them from the ceiling or the walls.

4. Accessorize!

Bathrooms don't have to give off the impression of being sterile and utilitarian. Give the place a personal touch with artwork, creative countertop storage options, or pretty soap dishes. Don't have space for art? Go creative with soft goods. Towels in accent colors can add a pop of color to the room, or patterned floor mats can give the room visual interest.

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