Easy DIY Home Decor for Autumn!

It's September! Although autumn doesn't officially start until the 22nd, we're already getting our homes ready. 

Fall decor doesn't need to be expensive, especially when they're used only three months of the year, so we've compiled some of our favorite DIY fall decor tutorials for you to try.

Pumpkins are an autumn essential. From Halloween Jack O'Lanterns to pumpkin spice lattes, they're ubiquitous during the fall season.These adorable pumpkin lanterns from designlovefest are so easy to make, and are bound to brighten up your home! They're perfect as centerpieces or outside decorations.

Who doesn't love a good string of fairy lights? Well, jazz up yours for the incoming season with maple leaves. 

Acorns are a definite fall staple, and these made from upcycled Easter eggs are sure to please (and you can fill them with goodies for your guests too)!

We love a good butternut squash soup, but there's another great use for the gourds. Their vase-like shape is perfect for flower arrangements, especially for autumn blooms like dahlias and roses.

Of course a home decor roundup is never complete without a wreath! This DIY features all the fall essentials, with pumpkins, burlap, pinecones, and maple leaves.

A mantle needs to have a banner hanging from it! While this tutorial features a lot of fancy equipment, you can manually cut out the leaves to get the same effect. :)

Try framing pressed leaves! With just a picture frame and a few fallen leaves, you can create beautiful natural artwork for your home.

For more autumn inspiration, check out our Pinterest board below!

How are you going to update your home for fall? Let us know in the comments!