Examples of Office Spaces That Will Make You Want to Get Work Done

We love to look at inspiring office spaces, mostly because the work area in your home or office can easily become an out of control mess of chaos. But what promotes productivity better than a space that is organized and clutter free? Next to nothing, we would assume. Having a space that is simplified and beautiful encourages an environment where you feel at peace, and when you feel at peace you're much more likely to tackle a challenge or task, unless you're one of those people who likes to wait until the last minute and then run 100% off of adrenaline, then there's no hope for you. We kid!! At some point most of us have been in that situation too but lets face it, last minute adrenaline fueled work is not ideal and we're aiming for better than that.   

examples of offices that will make you want to get work done


Above is a desk area in a residence that has the basics covered. A tray for smaller objects like notepads, staplers, envelopes and staplers as well a paper tray to keep loose sheets corralled neatly. A desk lamp and vase of fresh flowers rounds out this surface with a personal and stylish touch!


examples of office spaces that will make you want to get work done

 Decor Dots

 Most people will instinctively push a desk against a wall or window to maximize available space but may we suggest floating the desk? This can create an environment that feels more inclusive with the rest of your space, allows you to walk around the perimeter of the work surface and if you're a pacer, this is for you. Floating your desk away from the wall also allows for multiple seating in case you have a partner or client visiting!


examples of office spaces that will make you want to get work done

Kristofer Johnson

In terms of style and design, creating a space in monotones can really bring together furniture and space. It also cancels out a lot of "noise" when you have an area with many different objects clustered together. Choose a chair or favorite object and then paint the walls and desk surface in the same shade or a slightly paler version of the same color. You'll find that the whole space comes together much more quickly this way and even when your work surface is filled with paper and projects, a monotone space will appear less chaotic. 


examples of office space that will make you want to get work done

 Bo Bedre

If you're able to position your work space near a window you'll not only gain from loads of happy, natural light but a window gives you a place to gaze. Most of us work in spurts and then need moments to focus and further consider a task. This gives you a mental break, especially if you're fortunate enough to have a scenic view. If your view is obstructed by a building for example, try covering your window in an opaque window cling. This will improve your view but still allow you to fully benefit from that natural light.  


examples of office space that will make you want to get work done

 AMM blog

These sound absorbing cabinets are super clever but even if you don't have access to any like these, try breaking up an open space with carefully positioned furniture like this. The space still feels quite open and easy to collaborate with neighboring tables but you have a slight feeling of personal space.  


examples of office spaces that will make you want to get work done  

 Andy Liffner


A clean space often needs warmth and these soft coral cabinets really serve as compliments to the wood desk and flooring. Also, sheer curtains are a stylish way to diffuse light and offer a softness to straight lines.  


examples of office spaces that will make you want to get work done

 Riikka Kantinkoski

 Sometimes you just need a bright, white space to really feel inspired. This mostly white work area is broken up with hints of cognac, grey and black. If you're the type that likes neutrals or a lot of black, white and grey, don't be afraid to add a little punch of color to loosen things up. It doesn't have to be a neon color, choose a natural shade like in this space which doesn't take away from the modern feel but does contribute some interest!






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