Farmhouse decor inspo that you don't want to miss!

There's no doubt about it. Rustic, farmhouse decor is in. The cozy, cottage-inspired decor evokes feelings of nostalgia and comfort that make any space feel like home. But you don't need to live in a farmhouse to get this style - let's take a look at some of our favorite spaces on the web.

It's only fitting to begin with a lovely entryway as you enter the home! Liz Marie is probably one of the most well known farmhouse bloggers on the social scene. Her foyer has the classic farmhouse whitewashed floors and charming antique furniture.

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We recently stumbled upon Savanna's Instagram feed. Her style leans farmhouse eclectic, and her mixing and matching of warm red-toned woods and grays is one to emulate.

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JoEllen from @therusticfarmhouse has a gorgeous home - from the quintessential farmhouse signs to chippy paint on her china cabinet, her dining room exudes warmth and familiarity. And the lovely Belgian Textured Linen draperies in Flax match so well with her wooden accents, bringing the space together with warmth.

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Erin knows how to utlize her kitchen corner to the fullest! Clean white cabinets, tons of natural textures, and neutral colors make her one of our favorite Instagram feeds to watch.

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A farmhouse bedroom needs two things - exposed wood and plenty of gorgeous linens! Lauren from @farmhouseforfour choose to outfit her bedroom windows with our Belgian Flax Linen in Mist Gray

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Liz's bedroom is to die for. It's airy, spacious, and definitely is full of hygge. Everything goes together perfectly - the stunning sheer canopy adds the perfect delicate touch to the room. Her blackout shades are pretty nice too - get this look with our Belgian Flax Linen roman shades in a pleated style.

The bathroom tends to be forgotten in terms of decor. We spend plenty of time on the porcelain throne each day, so give the space the treatment it deserves. We love how Ashley added a tiny chalkboard on the wall and wire baskets to store towels and miscellany. 

Want more farmhouse inspiration? Check out our Pinterest board!

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