Here's How To Use Double Shades on Your Windows

 how to use double drapes

image from Entrance Makleri via Coco Lapine

 If you've ever stayed in a posh hotel, traveled to a Northern European or skimmed through your favorite design magazine you may have come across a space with more than one window covering. The look has a polished and expensive look about it, though it does not have to be the latter.

The reason someone might choose to layer their window coverings can be more than just aesthetic. If you live in a region of the world which has incredibly long summer days or a window that projects strong light in a bedroom, layering double shades is a beautiful way to make the most of natural light while still having some control. It's sort of like a dimmer switch for your windows!

 how to use double shades on your windows

image via Amber Interiors

If you've been wanting to give this layered style a try, here are a few different approaches for using double shades:  

Drapes Over Shades

If you don't want to use a double curtain rod or prefer to look of a single layer of drapes, use a set of shades that fit snugly insole the window frame to offer multiple options or light control without the bulk or needing to buy new hardware.  An inner shade offers the option of blackout lining so that drapes don't need to be fully drawn to filter light out.

 how to use double shades on your windows

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Solid Over Sheer 

If you want to let light in but also need some privacy over your windows, having an inner, semi sheer layer is the way to go. Using a tighter weave with a thicker fabric can be your addition of color and extra shade. 

 how to use double drapes on your curtains

image via Nordic Design 

Dark Over Light 

Beyond sheer and heavy weight fabrics, many people opt for a darker colored outer layer and light color on the inside. White might seem like a natural choice for the inside layer but also consider light grey, ivory and pale beige. Create a tone on tone look with a darker outer layer of the same color but a darker shade!


how to use double shades on your windows

 image via Hos Majorskan 


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