How 5 of Our Fav Design Trends Are Helping Us WFH

Some trends come and go, and some are here to stay. We don’t know which of the following design trends will make a permanent home in the interior design community, but we’re thoroughly enjoying the ingenuity and art of them all. 

A few style trends are also helping us feel more comfortable and productive while working from home (we’re talking to you, excessive plant trend). Here are five of the current design trends we’re loving and how they’re helping us while we work from home. 

Neutral sheer custom curtains drapery Barn & Willow

Via @housesevendesign

Earthy Neutrals

Earthy neutrals are going to be around for a hot minute. As more people are trying to unplug from our online existence, we’re turning to earthy colors to help us do so. Paler tans and browns mixed with crisp whites are so prevalent now and help display the complex undertones of earthy colors. Painting an accent wall with a deep brown or green offers soothing organic elements to an indoor space. 

Looking for an easy way to bring a bit of earthy neutral into your home? Our neutral fabric color palette is a favorite for those styling earth-inspired spaces. But not only do they match earth’s various colors, they’re also kind to the earth by using better production methods and zero chemicals in their dyes. Checkout out our fabrics eco-edit for more information on how our fabrics are eco-friendly!

Neutral painted arches in living room

Painted Arches

While we’re definitely seeing arched doorways and entryways make a comeback, we’re talking about painted arches. We love how simple the solution is for a blank wall yet how dramatic a difference these painted arches can make. All you need to create a perfect arch outline is a pencil, thumbtack, and a piece of string. 

@cozy.happy.home uses them throughout her home instead of painting full walls to get that burst of color while still being able to take advantage of her bright white walls. Check out how they create a focal point in her spaces!

Rattan media console

Via @thejadebennett


Not to be confused with wicker, rattan is a durable type of vine that is used to make rattan furniture. It’s another way people are bringing more natural elements into their homes, and is another design style that we foresee is here to stay. 

We’ve seen rattan chairs, headboards, cabinets, you name it. Our favorite part of this trend is how many DIY’s we’ve seen use rattan to spruce up an old piece of furniture in a bid to reduce furniture waste.

Neutral living room with wood desk

Via @chelseamohrman


It’s a popular thought that humans weren’t meant to be disconnected from nature for long periods of time which is one of the reasons why stark spaces and windowless rooms can sometimes feel unnatural and uncomfortable to us. 

Within the last few years, quite a few awesome DTC online plant brands have popped up that will ship quality plants and pots to you so you don’t have to physically visit a nursery for new plants (because #socialdistancing, #safety, #pandemic). Just google “order plants online” and you’ll be bombarded with options! We love placing a plant or two on our desks, in our bathrooms, and definitely a few trailing goodies on top of our kitchen cabinets. 

Terracotta pots and plants

Via @peonyandhoney


With the boom in plant companies and plant Influencers becoming a thing, we found that terracotta was making its presence known in more than a few homes. With a quick google search, we learned that terracotta pots are not only a gorgeous clay red, but they have a slew of benefits for the plants they house. Here is a handful:

  1. They prevent soil diseases and root rot by absorbing moisture and helping the soil dry quicker. 
  2. Its porosity helps aerate the soil, allowing a plant’s roots to access nutritious food easier. 
  3. It won’t leak chemicals into the soil that will kill your plants.

What are you doing to stay productive while working from home? Comment below!

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