How to Design Your Living Room Around Window Treatments

living room window surround ideas

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While window treatments are sometimes an afterthought when designing a living room, they can truly enhance the aesthetic of the space. Not only do they add texture and visual interest to a living room, when styled correctly, they can serve as a focal point for the space.


Curious how you can design your living room around your window treatments? From tips for picking the right color or pattern to layering ideas and more, here’s how to treat your window coverings like the star of your living space.


1. Get Inspired.


The first step to designing your living room around your window treatments is figuring out the best drapes and shades for your unique space. Barn & Willow’s online Gallery is brimming with images of beautiful interiors outfitted in their bespoke window coverings. And since all of the featured rooms have been styled by designers, customers, and influencers, you’ll have more than enough inspiration to decide what window design scheme to go for.


living room window decor ideas

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2. Be strategic about materials.


Since window treatments supply plenty of texture, they can help bring depth and dimension to your living room. That’s why it’s important to pick the right fabric for your drape and shades. Heavier and slightly stronger than cotton, Barn & Willow’s Belgian linen fabrics are crisp to the touch and boast a lovely drape, and work great if you’re searching for a structured (but unfussy) look for your window treatments.


If you’re looking for a lighter, more breathable style of window coverings—especially ones with a more boho-feel—look no further than Barn & Willow’s organic cotton drapes and shades. And if you’re a fan of denser, insulating window treatments, consider one composed of velvet or a blended fabric, like wool and linen.


living room window treatment fabric materials

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3. Consider the color palette.


When designing a living room around window treatments, it’s crucial to pick the right color of fabric. The general rule of thumb is to go a shade lighter or darker than your wall color, however, if you’re looking for a more impactful look, you might want to consider breaking outside the box and hanging some colorful window treatments, such as Barn & Willow’s Teal Velvet Drapery or Sapphire Velvet Shades, to shake things up. Or, for a more subdued look, try matching your drapes to the exact colors of your walls, to create a cohesive, monochrome window scene that’s simply elegant.  


living room color palette ideas

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4. Take the right measurements.


Nothing ruins the ambience of a living room faster than drapes or shades that don’t actually fit your windows properly. Thankfully, Barn & Willow has a handy measurement finder tool that’ll help you measure your drapes like a pro before you outfit the rest of the space. And since their online ordering process requires you to enter the measurements of your windows, you can rest assured that each Barn & Willow piece is custom stitched to your exact specifications, so securing the correct size of panels or shades for your living room is easier than ever.


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5. Make it a focal point.


If you want your window treatments to double as a focal point in your living room, consider layering them. To make a statement in your windows, flank a patterned roller shade with a pair of colorful drapes to create an eye-catching window scene that won’t overpower the rest of the space. For a more subdued look that will still make an aesthetic impact, try a combination of tone-on-tone roller shades and drapes for your living room window treatments.


how to layer window treatments

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6. Ask for help.


Deciding which style, color, and material of window coverings to order can be difficult. If you’re struggling with certain aspects of your window treatments, like what fabric to choose or how to properly hang your drapes or shades, head over to the Barn & Willow blog’s video page, where you’ll find a slew of helpful tutorials that will help you every step of the way.


If you still can’t decide, consider consulting a Barn & Willow Design Specialist for help. Whether you’re having trouble picking out the right fabric or pleat style, you can book a free appointment with a Design Specialist to help you along the way.

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