How to make your home cozy for the fall!

It’s time to pull out the sweaters and down comforters because it finally feels like fall! The weather’s gotten colder here in Northern California, and we've put together a guide on how to change up your home to make it warm and cozy for this holiday season.

Bring in the plush!

Perhaps the most obvious way to cozy up your home is swapping out your thin summer blankets for thicker comforters. From faux furs throws to wool poufs, these soft goods are perfect for warming up your bedroom. Mixing and matching fabrics, like flannel sheets and faux fur pillows make the space feel lighter, and allow for more visual interest in the space.

For the living room, add a throw blanket to your lounge chair or sofa to keep you warm during those nighttime movie marathons. Pile up the throw pillows (and floor pillows), layer the rugs, to create a space that's warm on the toes. While we think that warm tones, like oranges and reds are perfect for creating a toasty autumn ambience, you don't need to go in that direction if it doesn't fit with your current decor. Try using texture, with sheepskin rugs or corduroy pillows to create that same warmth. Doesn't Hamby Home's Mason look so comfortable on our Herringbone Cotton Throw? (By the way, it's incredibly soft, and perfect for holiday gifting too!)

Scent up the space!

While we personally love the scent of a toasty vanilla, stores are armed with a plethora of autumn-y scents, like the fall-centric pumpkin spice or apple harvest, that you can choose from. There's nothing more autumn that the scent of a freshly baked pecan pie permeating throughout a home! 

Candles are perfect for the holiday season as they add a warm glimmer to any soiree. If you've got young children running around and are afraid of accidents, electric wax warmers and difficusers are other alternatives that you can consider to add scent to your home. Sensitive to synthetic scents? Unscented pillar candles add a touch of class to any tablescape. Also, consider making your own natural potpourri! 

Cover up!

Windows are the biggest source of heat loss during the winter. If your home is without a heater, or you're in colder environments (and even if you aren't), in order to conserve energy, we always recommend that you opt for custom blackout lined curtains. We emphasize the custom aspect because you want curtains to fix your windows exactly. When closed, the curtain should touch the floor or puddle a bit, and hug the wall as closely as it can. Blackout lining offers insulation, preventing the heat from within and the cold from outside from leaving the space. For maximum effectiveness, you should choose a thicker fabric, like a Belgian textured linen with an additional blackout lining. Above, My Sweet Savannah chose a Belgian Flax Linen Curtain in Optic White with a blackout lining, which is excellent for both sunlight blockage and fighting heat loss.

How are you planning on making your home cozy for the fall? Let us know in the comments!

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