How To Make Your Home Feel Way More Expensive


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Most of us would not turn down the chance to live like a celebrity, specifically have homes like celebrities. Right? To have professional decorators tailor every room to our specific wants and spare no expense on the smallest of details. Maybe one day this dream will come true but in the meantime there are realistic things you can do in your existing space to make it feel more lavish, without hiring a butler or tearing down walls for big structural changes. Keep reading for a few of our best pieces of advice for elevating the overall look of your home!


1. Quality Textiles

A quick and easy way to give your space a more luxurious feel is by having nice pillows and throws. We know how easy it is to come home with those tempting $10 cushion covers but, resist! Do your homework and look for textiles that will really give your space a quality feel. After all, these are the throws and blankets you and your guests will be cuddling up to when they lounge or sleep in your home, make them good ones! Of course textiles can also mean bedding and window coverings, which are equal important accessories to make your home feel pulled together and professional. A little tip for you, Linum offers a great variety of cushions and covers. 


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2. Lighten Up

Lighting is a key element for making a space look more expensive. Be ready to make a bit of an investment here, you're not going to achieve this look with some $40 lamp from IKEA. Sculptural, unique, classic lighting options can give really make an entire room look like so much more without requiring that you completely refurnish! We like Serge Mouille's collection containing a ceiling light, floor lamp, wall sconce and desk lamp. 


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3. Drapes That Puddle

An easy and luxurious change you can make at home which also happens to be a quite simple one is buying drapes that puddle a bit at the bottom, meaning they are a few inches too long and create a gather at the floor. The look can be elegant and expensive looking when all you really did was create the most mind glowingly simple home hack and let those curtains drape a little more! Lowering your existing hardware so that the ends of the drapery pools at the end is an option but not one we'd recommend! Think of the holes you will need to repair in order to move the curtain hardware lower by a few inches. Or, an even easier option is to order custom drapes to fit your exact dimensions at home. Add a few inches to your ceiling height to get that rich looking drape puddle at the bottom! 


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4. Touch Up

If there are any spots around your home that you have neglected including unfinished projects, scratches or holes from picture frames, now is the time to give these attention and cross them off your list! SO many of us grow accustomed to our own space because spend so much time in it that it's easy to overlook the imperfections. Buy some paint and touch up any scuffs, fill in those nail holes in the sheetrock and scrub off scuffs and marks on the walls. Wear and tear in a home is inevitable but maintaining these signs of wear can really keep your space looking clean and new. 

Beyond fixing any superficial damages it may also be time for a deep cleaning. Give yourself a break and hire a professional to come in and give your whole place a deep scrub. We promise, your space will look instantly more costly than it does currently. 



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5. Mind the Clutter 

In general your home looks best when it's kept in it's most final state. By that we mean removing clutter! Be brutal, give take more and more away then take a step back. Are there even more items that aren't totally necessary for function or for beauty? Even if you aren't ready to donate or sell your extra items, it's a nice idea to pack them away and see if you can live without them. Chances are, you definitely can.

Having less small items in your home gives you a more thoughtful, curated look which in turn, looks more expensive than an indecisive home with loads of trinkets. Find your nicest pieces, those heirlooms, those items you've treasured for years and keep those on display. The impulse buys or those items you were trying out because you saw a trend on Pinterest, put them away to make room for open spaces and clean surfaces. Grab some fresh blooms and a beautiful vase or a healthy green plant and more than likely, you'll have all the accessories you need!




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