How to Style a Neutral Bedroom (So It Doesn’t Feel Drab)

neutral bedroom ideas

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If you think neutral-toned interiors are bland, then it’s time to reconsider. With the right mix of textures, tones, and décor items, you can transform a colorless bedroom into a dynamic space in no time.

Curious how you can turn a bedroom with a monotone color palette into the sleek, streamlined space it deserves to be? From incorporating different textures to tone-on-tone decorating ideas and more, read ahead for five ways to style a neutral bedroom so it doesn’t feel so drab.

1. Incorporate different textures.

A little texture can go a long way in a neutral bedroom. To score an eclectic, layered look in your bedroom without any bold pops of color, incorporate décor accessories composed of interesting fabrics, such as shaggy rugs, faux fur throws, and Belgian Linen drapes and shades—that create visual interest in a space without deviating from the neutral color palette.

tone on tone bedroom decor

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2. Play with tonal hues.

Never underestimate the impact of tone-on-tone décor, where you mix two or more hues within a similar color palette, in a neutral room. By employing an assortment of accessories in a variety of neutral tones—think: light gray throw pillows against all-white bedding or pearl-colored velvet drapes with cream-painted walls—you can forge a lush, layered effect in a bedroom—no bright hues necessary.

3. Add interesting lines.

Looking for a goofproof way to modernize a neutral bedroom? Integrate furniture pieces and accessories with interesting lines and shapes into the space. A cleaned-lined bedside table brings a dash of drama to a bed clad in monotone bedding, while roller shades in a graphic neutral pattern, like Patch Wheat, can make an earth-toned room seem more current.

neutral bedroom decor ideas

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4. Infuse organic elements.

If you’re a fan of minimalist and boho-style interiors, consider outfitting a neutral bedroom with furniture and accessories made from organic materials, like rattan, seagrass, and solid wood to play up the natural hues of the space. Not only will a birchwood dresser or caned accent chair usher some texture and linework into a room, they will bring out the warm tones of the neutral palette, and make the whole space feel more welcoming and ambient.

5. Integrate mixed metal finishes.

To bring both a touch of texture and color to a neutral bedroom, incorporate a few metallic accessories into the scene. For example, a brass-lined mirror, silver picture frames, or a nightstand with gold hardware can brighten a monotone bedroom palette without overpowering the neutral décor scheme.

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