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How To Style Your Window Coverings, Once & For All

Mastering the correct styling of your window coverings might take a bit of consideration, especially if you have irregular shaped windows or anything non-standard, as many of us do. Perhaps your windows are small but very high up on the wall, to give you privacy yet still allow light in the room. The height or size might present a challenge. Or if you're covering windows in a rather small room where every square inch is valuable real estate meaning furniture or beds might need to be pushed completely against a window. Whatever your challenge may be, we've got several suggestions to help you to creatively cover and style any window because after all, each unique window needs a unique covering solution! 


Barn & Willow: How To Style Your Window Coverings, Once & For Allimage from Fantastic Frank 

Drapes that puddle

Have you heard of puddling in reference to drapes? No, it's not the kind of puddling you experience while potty training a puppy. If you haven't heard of the former, you should definitely take a minute and read this, where we break down all the ins and outs of puddling and how to achieve different looks. Check out the bedroom pictured above (or here for another great example) if you have lower ceilings or want a more causal look, puddling can give a casual, relaxed feel to your room with curtains. 


How To Style Your Window Coverings, Once & For All

 image from Liljencrantz Design

Windows in front of seating

Whether your dining table, sofa or desk in this case, faces an open window, no doubt you will want at times something to diffuse light. A pair of sheer curtains like these will soften the light coming in and keep you from getting a face full. If a shorter curtain is needed make sure it is long enough to cover the trim of your window, otherwise you can also consider a shade that sits within the window's frame so as not to interfere with your furniture. Make sure you can easily open the curtain or shade without having to move a desk or table every time. 


Barn & Willow: How To Style Your Window Coverings, Once & For All

 image from Stefan Isidor Bergkvist

Covering windows in a dark room

The type of coverings you will choose for a darker room will depends largely on how you are going to use this dark space. Maybe you want to let in as much light as possible, which in this case you'd want a sheer fabric. You can still choose a darker color but it needs to have a more open weave so that light can easily penetrate it even when fully closed. Or if you use this room for say, within movies or developing film, you can choose a lined fabric in a similar color to the walls in your room. 


Barn & Willow: How To Style Your Window Coverings, Once & For All

 image by Enok Holsegård

Barn & Willow: How To Style Your Window Coverings, Once & For All

image from Ask Og Eng 

Use your window covering as a space divider

As much as we naturally talk about window coverings, curtains and drapes can also be used in more unusual ways like dividing up an open space. Using a textile rather than a more permanent structure like a wall or wooden divider gives you flexibility and ease to open and close this space as often as needed. You can customize your fabric to be lined or sheer to abruptly or more subtly divide a room. 


Barn & Willow: How To Style Your Window Coverings, Once & For All

image from Home Designing  

 Coverings window at odd angles

Windows at unusual angles, like these attic windows shown above, provide a unique challenge to cover. These kinds of windows can be in amazing overheard lighting but if this space is used as a bedroom, you might also want to have the option to darken the room from time to time. Try using a track at the top and bottom of the fabric so you don't have curtains hanging down vertically. When you want to  allow more light in, simply push the curtain to the right or left and keep it all hidden within the window frame. 

Barn & Willow: How To Style Your Window Coverings, Once & For All

 image from Nordic Design 

Window coverings that do double duty

Some homes or apartments just have their quirks, right? You might want to cover more than just your window but why not do both with one fell swoop? Try something different yet elegant but creating a large curtain that coverings both a window and another wall of your room. This might be a way to add softness to harsh lines or a clever and seamless way to cover up an unsightly radiator. Don't get too creative by choosing different colors or materials, pick one color and use it as a constant stroke across the room. In the example above, picking the same color as the wall makes it feels like almost part of the architecture itself. 


Barn & Willow: How To Style Your Window Coverings, Once & For All

image from Remodelista

Cover as little as possible 

If you aren't one to make a statement with your window coverings, that's alright too. There are plenty of options for those who appreciate more subtle shades like this one made of burlap that only covers the transparent glass and nothing more. Having the option to select fully customizable shades, allowing you to choose every facet of your shade or curtain to suite your style and unique living space is an invaluable tool to have access to. 

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