How to transition into fall decor!

For our fall decorating series, we talked about making your home cozy for fall, upgrading your curb appeal, autumn tablescapes, and DIY home decor ideas. Want to see all these ideas together? Follow our Autumn Decorating Themed Pinterest board here.

Now, we'll show you how one interior stylist used these tips to update her home for the fall. Joan from 2 Ladies and a Chair brought in fall with pops of mustard yellow and warm textiles.


For those unfamiliar with design, we recommend starting with a simple base canvas, as that's the easiest to add new decor pieces around. Likewise, Joan (though a pro!) started with a neutral off-white and warm gray color scheme. 

The colors of changing leaves - yellows, oranges, and red epitomizes fall, and Joan chose to go with mustard yellow accents. We emphasize how texture and color can make a huge difference when decorating, and you can see that almost immediately. With the addition of two yellow throw pillows and bright yellow flowers in a vase, as well as a fur throw, the room immediately takes upon a cozy atmosphere. You don't have to completely revamp your room! Just a few additions can switch up a room's vibe.

But wait! Something's missing! 


For a final touch, Joan added a pair of custom privacy lined Belgian Textured Linen curtains in Oyster to her living room, which completes the space. Without curtains, the white blinds are a drastic contrast to the warm textiles in the space. With the addition of the cream colored Oyster curtains, the window softens up and gives off a warm luxurious feeling.

Like this fabric? Get free fabric swatches here!

Want to duplicate this look? We created a mood board so you can get your home ready for fall.

Bare windows are need to be covered, and we chose one of our new fall colors - a Belgian Flax Linen in Natural. To draw in fall colors, we opted for orange and yellow hues, with a set of Printed Scallops Throw Pillows in Mustard and Papaya. For a final touch, we completed the look with a Herringbone Cotton Throw in Peach.


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