5 ways to dress up your home with curtains

While traditionally, curtains are used to cover windows for light control and privacy, they're incredibly versatile and suit a variety of purposes. Take a look at these five ways that you can use curtains in your homes.

1. Room Divider

For those who live in studio apartments or find themselves tight on space, curtain room dividers are an affordable option to give you the privacy and separation of space that you need.

If you would like to install curtains as a room divider, you have a variety of options from ceiling tracks or curtain wires. A curtain wire is suitable for sheer, lightweight draperies, whereas ceiling tracks can hold heavier panels for sound dampening and further privacy. If you're unable to drill holes, peel and stick hardware can be used. Alternatively, create a makeshift divider with a clothing rack and from which you can hang a curtain panel.

2. Closet Door

Have you ever dealt with sliding doors that went off track, or bifolds that took up too much space? A more practical and option is to hang a curtain instead. Not only can you keep your closet contents private, curtains are also easy to pull aside, allowing you easy access to your clothes and personal items.

3. Washing Machine & Dryer Concealment

Like for the closet door, curtains are great for concealing. Unsightly appliances like a washing machine or dryer can be covered with short panels under the counter. No need to get rods for that space - a simple wooden dowel attached to a metal hook would suffice. 

4. Canopy Bed

Whether you share a room with a roommate and want some privacy, or you just want to add a touch of softness and romance to your bedroom, a curtain canopy is the way to go. With thumbtacks, a few sheer curtain panels, and a few wooden dowels, you too can create the canopy bed of your dreams. When buying sheer drapery panels, quality matters - sheers in high traffic areas are prone to tearing more easily, which is why we recommend our Belgian Sheer Linen collection, which is woven to last. 

5. Portière

A portière is the term for a curtain panel placed over a door or a doorway. Similarly to how curtains work to insulate windows and keep out drafts, a portière keeps the heat trapped in a room. As such, if you would like a portière for that purpose, we suggest that you choose a thicker fabric, like our Belgian Textured Linen in Oyster, to make sure there's as little heat escaping as possible. If it's for a more decorative reason, sheers, or unlined Belgian linens would look nice as well.

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