Our Favorite Custom Velvet Drapes and Roller Shade Combos

Velvet window treatments are trending and it’s not difficult to see why. Luxe yet effortlessly cool, velvet drapes and shades can make a chic statement in just about any style space.  Even better, they can be paired with roller shades to create a bold, layered window scene that supplies plenty of light coverage.

Not sure what we mean? Read ahead to see a few of our favorite Barn & Willow roller shade and velvet drape combos—and get ready to be inspired. 

1. Teal Velvet Drapes + Gray Geo-Printed Roller Shade

custom drapes custom roller shades

Looking for a sleek and sophisticated window treatment combo with a side of oomph? When paired with a pale gray geometric printed roller shade, like our Blackout Roller Shades in Polygon Charcoal, our teal velvet drapes bring a pop of personality to a window without overwhelming the rest of the room. Plus, you can adjust the roller shade throughout the day to suit your lighting needs and create a customized look for your windows.

2. Blue Velvet Drapes + Earth-Toned Printed Roller Shade

custom drapes custom roller shades ideas

If you love the look of our bold blue velvet drapes but are worried they might overpower a room, then we have the solution for you. A roller shade with an earth-toned graphic print, such as our Blackout Roller Shades in Patch Graystone, subdue brighter toned drapes while still supplying a dash of drama. Try incorporating a houseplant on your windowsill for a touch of natural greenery that won’t compete with the curtains.

3. Pearl Velvet Drapes + Neutral Printed Roller Shade

custom drapes custom roller shades ideas

Scandi-style design lovers rejoice: we found the custom drape and roller shade combo for you! When flanked by our rich, pearl-colored velvet drapes, a roller shade with a light neutral abstract motif, such as our Blackout Roller Shades in Patch Wheat, creates a clean and ethereal window scene that casts a golden glow of light into a room depending on what time of day it is. Add a couple of décor items to your windowsill with metallic accents, like a gold-finished lamp or candle in a brass holder, to play up the area’s ambient lighting.

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