The Lowdown on Drapery Pleat Styles

Those new to the designer window treatment industry may be surprised to find so many different pleat styles available. While it's true that some styles look better in some spaces than others, remember that your home is a reflection of you, and you should choose a drapery style that makes you happy. Here's a simple guide to our different pleat styles and some tips on which you may want to choose based on your space.

Barn & Willow gray soft top drapery panels

Soft Top Pleat

Soft Top drapery is the most popular drapery style by far. It's classic and simple, yet looks polished and sophisticated when pressed and styled. Our Soft Top style looks great in relaxed, casual, and cozy spaces.

Soft Top drapery is also known as Rod-pocket drapery or "Pole-pocket" drapery because you can slide the drapery onto your hardware rather than hanging them from hooks. Barn & Willow's Soft Top panels can be hung by the rod or by hooks for versatility. 

2 Pinch Pleat Monarch Drapery Panels Barn & Willow

2 Pinch Pleat

Feeling adventurous? Drapery with 2 Pinch Pleats are an easy segway into the fancier options for drapery pleat styles. Also known as 2 fold pleats, 2 Pinch Pleats create an "X" effect for a hint of sophistication. 

3 Pinch Pleat tan drapery rom Barn & Willow

3 Pinch Pleat

Our 3 Pinch Pleat style creates a simple but stunning crown to the top of your drapery. This type of pleat creates a clean, tailored look for those who want panels that complement a luxurious, sophisticated space. 

Euro pleat drapery tan Barn & Willow

Euro Pleat

Euro pleats are arguably our favorite style here at Barn & Willow. Known for their classic waterfall effect, Euro pleats are pinched at the top to create a billowy drape below. This drapery style has an understated elegance that makes it a versatile option for any space. 

White grommet drapery from Barn & Willow

Grommet Pleats

Grommet drapery is our newest edition to Barn & Willow and has quickly become a popular style to choose from. As in the name, drapery panels are hung by grommet rings sewn into the panels.

This style of pleat creates deep folds that look great in classic and contemporary spaces. They're also an easy way to lend a bit of sophistication to more casual rooms.


All our drapery is customizable with different lining options, pleat styles, and fabric types/colors. Each panel arrives with hooks and weights sewn into the bottom hems for a beautiful drape. Ready to start customizing your own drapery? Order free swatches to see our fabrics in your own space.