The Most Stylish Ways to Display Plants in Your Windows

houseplant display ideas

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Your windows are brimming with houseplant display opportunities, it just takes the right setup. From ceiling-mounted plant hangers and racks to windowsill box planters to extension hooks on your drapery rods, here’s how to turn a window into a dreamy plant-filled scene with the help of some Barn & Willow drapes and shades.


Ceiling Style

 plant window display ideas

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Popular for a reason, ceiling-mounted displays are a savvy way to show off an array of houseplants without occupying an inch of window sill space. Whether with boho-style macrame hanging planters or a mid-century modern-style suspended rack, ceiling-strewn plants create visual interest around a window while taking advantage of vertical space. For a stylish window scheme that doesn’t overpower the rest of the space, pair a couple of hanging plants with Off White Belgian Sheer Linen Drapery or a breezy Birch Organic Cotton Roman Shade.


Window Sill Style

 window sill plant ideas

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A leafy green houseplant or two can make a big impact on a window sill. Whether it’s a handful of small succulents potted in an eye-catching box planter or a bushy fern in a decorative planter in each corner, plants can turn a drab window sill into a stylish interior vignette in seconds. For a minimalist-friendly window scheme that supplies a dash of boho drama, stick with neutral window treatments composed of organic materials, such as Hemp Organic Cotton Drapery or a Natural Belgian Flax Linen Roman Shade.


Under-the-Window Style


plant window display ideas

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If you have the floor space under a window, you can incorporate a tall houseplant or two into the scene to visually expand the space. Not only will a towering, leafy houseplant like a Ficus or a snake plant add visual interest to the often ignored area underneath your window, it can bring depth and dimension to the scene. To ensure you don’t knock over your plants whenever you close your window treatments, stick with a clean-lined shade in a versatile hue, like the Off White Belgian Flax Linen Roman Shade, or the Patch Sage Blackout Roller Shades if you’re looking for a pop of color and patterns that play up the natural greenery.


Drapery Rod Style


As long as you don’t plan on ever fully closing your curtains and your hardware is sturdy enough to support it, you can hang a lightweight plant or two from your drapery rods using a simple extension hook. To create a clean window backdrop that allows your plants to shine, employ crisp Optic White Belgian Flax Linen Drapery or Ivory Organic Cotton Drapery to frame a beautiful vining houseplant hanging from your curtain rod.


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