These trends are in for 2017.

There's something about the new year that makes us want to redecorate! Of course, we turned to our favorite source of inspiration, Pinterest, to forecast home decor trends for the coming year.

Goodbye, Simply White. 2017 is all about color. From Pantone's Greenery to Benjamin Moore's Shadow, bold tones that accent a room are sure to make an impact.

Comfort is king. The Danes call it "hygge" - a cozy, comforting feeling much akin to a warm mug of hot chocolate in the winter, or a pair of woolen socks. Marked by simplicity, community, and warmth, this way of living will definitely continue through 2017. Pull out your candles and hop under the blankets to get started. 

Farmhouse decor is here to stay. We were enamored by the rustic, homey aesthetic last year, and it has completely saturated our Instagram feeds! Here's to more country charm.

Remember how terrariums were everywhere in 2012? Well, no longer do plants need to be restrained - indoor plants, like the free growing ivy or air plants are in for this year. (To be more in vogue, opt for a ceramic planter!)

With Etsy and other handmade marketplaces, one-of-a-kind ceramics and other pottery pieces have enjoyed a resurgence in popularity. 

Copper is this year's metal of choice, and for good reason. It's rose gold hue pairs beautifully with both light and dark colors, adding the perfect shine to any room.

There's no wonder why transparent acrylic decor is trending this year. It adds minimal weight to a room, without removing visual interest. We're fans!

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