Valentine's Day at home

With Valentine's Day tonight(!), we understand if you want to keep it a mellow and laid back affair. For the folks who are planning on rushing home after work for some last-minute decorating, here's a few ideas to make your evening a breeze.


Fresh flowers can brighten up any table, even if you're planning on ordering takeout. Snag a few blooms from your backyard and you're set. No backyard? Even weeds look nice when placed in a vase.


Ambient lighting is essential to setting the mood. Dim the lights and light a few candles. Go the extra mile and repurpose those fairy lights from the holidays for a low-budget option.


What's a special occasion without drinks? Head on over to the supermarket and get the following things: blackberries, champagne (or prosecco), and sugar! Make yourself a Love Potion cocktail.



Everyone can make pasta. This is fact. Boil some spaghetti noodles (make sure they're al dente), pull out your $1.99 cans of pre-made pasta sauce, throw in a few shrimp and basil leaves, and you've got yourself a $$$ meal.


No Valentine's day is complete without dessert! We recommend one of the easiest "fancy" dessert options: chocolate covered strawberries. This rendition by Cooking Light includes a splash of your favorite alcohol.


Haven't got a Valentine? Invite some friends over to your place for a night of laughter and good cheer. (We suggest that you text them now.)

Valentine's Day isn't complete without a present to show your appreciation. Give your loved ones a Barn & Willow gift card so they can stock up on home essentials.

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