View From Here with Rebecca Minkoff

A long time ago, in our pre-smartphone era, a resort to escape the day-to-day grind was to gaze off, let our mind sit still for a moment and enjoy the view...and wherever that view takes you. 

We like to think there’s that one special view for everyone.

In an effort to bring back those sublimely simple (offline) moments, we’re asking movers & shakers, thinkers & doers and all around inspiring people to share what their view means to them.

We are kicking off the series with fashion design extraordinaire, founder & weekend warrior, Rebecca Minkoff.  If you are like us you’ve been obsessed with Rebecca Minkoff, the designer that lent the it to it girls everywhere, since she launched her namesake label in 2005. In just over a decade the brand has grown into a fashion-tech-friendly household name with stores all over the world. Filled easy, breezy blouses, perfectly playful-yet-subtle accessories, and polished leather moto jackets, her designs achieve the perfect dichotomy between modern and bohemian.   And, as we learned after visiting her home in Long Island, so is the woman behind the brand.  

Here the entrepreneur-all-we-ever-wanted and mama of two, Luca and Bowie, shares her weekend escape strategy, her laid back approach to home décor (no use crying over spilled yogurt) and of course, her favorite view in her house.

Barn & Willow: View from Here with Rebecca Minkoff

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Tell us the story about your Long Island home…or because it’s a new home, the story you’d like it to tell someday.

I hope someday our children look back on the sweet summer days spent here and tell of having been able run around in the yard and of playing in the street with abandon (as opposed our constantly tugging them back or yelling at them to slow down like we do in the city).  And that our friends describe it as an escape where we shared our weekends over meals, good conversation and of course, wine.  If our house tells these stories, then I’d call it a home well-lived in.

Barn & Willow: View from Here with Rebecca Minkoff

Laura Ingalls Wilder once said, “Home is the nicest word there is”.  We tend to agree. Describe your home in three words.

Cozy, welcoming, and vibrant - both aesthetically and in its overall vibe.

Barn & Willow: View from Here with Rebecca Minkoff

Where do you draw inspiration from for your interior? Did you have a particular vision in mind? Does your decor taste extend to your brand? Or vice versa?

My style and interior décor sensibilities are definitely in the same realm – it’s ever-evolving and a true reflection of my collective taste.  I never go crazy feminine or overly traditional.  I always hope to achieve true comfort, color and a feeling of warm modernism.  

Barn & Willow: View from Here with Rebecca Minkoff

What’s your philosophy when it comes to decorating now that you have children/thoughts on kids stuff taking over your space?

We try to make sure everything is comfortable, colorful and kid friendly.  The kid’s stuff is definitely incorporated into all areas of the home.  We want it to feel like you can put your feet up, relax and not worry about spilling wine or in the kids' case, yogurt on the couch.  I don’t want to be concerned with things being broken or my kids having to tippy-toe around a room.  I definitely make sacrifices in that regard design-wise, but prefer my kids being relaxed rather than my fussing over high-maintenance décor.

Barn & Willow: View from Here with Rebecca Minkoff

Barn & Willow: View from Here with Rebecca Minkoff

This is an easy one – what do you love most about getting out of the city (and work) and coming out here?

Being able to disconnect and just relax with my family.  I cherish the time we get to unwind and spend time together totally uninterrupted and without distraction.  We love to cook and each weekend lets us try new recipes and enjoy family meals together.  BBQ is our favorite!

Barn & Willow: View from Here with Rebecca Minkoff

What’s your favorite room in your house and why?

The kitchen and the family room – for sure.  It’s an open layout so the kids can run amuck and we can cook, watch a movie or just kick around.  It’s a playful, but a very calm place at the same time. Many family naps take place on that couch.  

Barn & Willow: View from Here with Rebecca Minkoff

Barn & Willow: View from Here with Rebecca Minkoff

Describe your absolute perfect weekend day.

Sleeping in (which rarely happens), breakfast outside, a bike ride followed by an afternoon dip in the pool. Evenings start with rose and continue with a long and leisurely cooked dinner that we enjoy outside under the warm summer sky.

We like to think there’s that one view for a person (in their home) that is a truly sacred place, be it out your front door or through the kitchen window.  Tell us about your favorite view from here in your home.

Watching my kids running around the yard completely uninhibited and free - it’s a sublime feeling.

Tell us about your second favorite view, e.g. a top a mountain, peering down at a glass of rose at dusk, looking down at a book you are reading to your child.

The Caribbean Ocean.  We go to Harbour Island every year and when we fly over it and the view of that cool blue, I know I’m about to touchdown in paradise.



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