View From Here With Kristin Laing

As part of our continuing View From Here Series, today we are featuring interior designer Kristen Laing from Kristen Laing Designs in Austin, TX. Interior designer, style consultant, creative mind behind photo shoots...she's got it all. Oh and did we say she is also a certified floral designer and yoga instructor, essentially a jane of all trades. 

We were SO lucky to have Kristen share a tour, or view if you will, of her bedroom and family home as well as some of her personal design values implemented at home.


view from here with kristin laing

Kristin uses our Organic Cotton drapes, Ivory, in her bedroom. 

Tell us a bit about yourself, what do you like to do for fun and do you have any hidden talents? 

I live in Austin, Texas with my husband, nine year-old daughter, and two ragdoll cats. My idea of fun is wandering around a flea market and looking for treasure. I love collecting unique art, especially oil portraits. I'm always looking for new pieces to incorporate in to my home. I spent over ten years working as a jewelry designer and metalsmith so I still dabble in art metals, soldering and welding. Other interests include any kind of outdoor exercise, yoga and trying every food truck in Austin (provided they have vegetarian options).


What do you want others to know about your home? Or what would you hope guests understand about you when they visit your home? 


Changing and restyling the decor in my home is my hobby. I'm always changing things and I enjoy that evolution. I like to fill the home with fascinating objects and conversation pieces.   Mixing vintage with new also keeps things interesting. I really love styling and figuring out what is pleasing to the eye and what makes you feel good when you enter a space. However, in the big picture I'm not attached to any of the items in my home. They are just things! I know there is a lot to take in when a guest visits, but I hope they feel that is a warm, welcoming space. 


view from here kristin laing


If you could describe your interior style in three words, what would they be? 


Warm, eclectic and unique.



What are some non-negotiables you have for your home? Things you can't live with or without. 

I must have art, pets, and of course family.  


view from here with kristin laing


What obstacles did you encounter, structural or otherwise, when decorating your space?

Our home has small living areas and large bedrooms. Creating ample seating areas for guests is always a challenge. We turned our formal dining area in to sitting room, so every once in awhile we do really miss have a big dining room table.


Can you share a favorite room or object in your home? Also favorite part of your bedroom, specifically?


Right now my favorite room is my office. We recently added a skylight so what was once a very dark room is now filled with natural light all through the day. The light really draws me in. My favorite part of my bedroom is the large windows and the view outside. And I love the wallpaper and how it adds drama to the room!


view from here with kristin laing


Any advice you'd give to others when styling a home?

Don't overthink it. Use things you really love and design for yourself, don't worry about the opinions of others. I also think it's important to add things that are personal and tell your story. It doesn't need to look like a showroom or like you followed a formula when choosing your decor. Also, take your time to figure it all out. It's ok to admit that something isn't working once you've lived with it for awhile.


What is the very best view in your home?


I love the view from the living room. It is the center of the home and also looks out on the greenery in the backyard. It's really soothing.


view from here with kristin laing

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