Think Carefully About The Fabrics You Surround Yourself With At Home

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In searching for your perfect window covering, you might first ask yourself what color would go best with your decor style, then asking yourself what style fits best and what your dimensions are, but when do you ask yourself - what kind of fabric do I want? More importantly, what kind of fabric will be sourced well not only for myself, but for the planet?

In keeping up with the most recent trends, it is important that any large purchase made towards home decor now results in a timeless and beautiful home interior - not something that will need to be changed or updated in just a short span of time. This is where a natural fabric comes in to lighten the way towards a timeless interior.

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“What are natural fabrics?” you might ask yourself, a better question might be “what are sustainable, eco-friendly fabrics?” and the answer is simple: Cotton, Linen, Hemp, and Silk are the best options to compose a natural, environmentally friendly fabric that will beautify your space and help sustain the earth. Selecting natural and preferably eco-friendly fabrics for your home is extremely important especially when considering treatments for a nursery or children's rooms, as natural fibers will limit the amount of allergens in the air and provide a cleaner dwelling. We’re strong advocates in promoting natural textiles for our homes and why note? After all fabrics surround us in our home more than what we realize. It applies to any soft surfaces within the home, including sofas, bed & bath linens, pillows and so on.

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Barn & Willow has been proud to offer high quality linens in this effort to ease the process of bringing custom made Belgian Linen window treatments into your home, and is now ready to introduce the next collection. We've chosen organic cotton for our new line because of its minimalism, it's high quality and of course its versatility. Our new 100% organic cotton fabrics will be introduced soon, providing more options towards a natural home interior.

Barn & Willow Organic Cotton Fabrics

The new Organic cotton collection will bring an awakened sense of freshness and vitality to home interiors, providing a more airy and versatile option to our current line. Organic cotton has not been treated with any chemicals; with no damage to the land or the people who tend our crop, supplying you with the cleanest fibers available for your window treatments. Organic cotton can be grown season after season, being completely sustainable and regenerative without damaging its surroundings. Cottons are naturally hypoallergenic and antibacterial, reducing the amount of chemicals in your home and filtering the air you breathe, simply by installing. This collection will also be easy to maintain and will stand the test of time, bringing a beautiful backdrop to all your happy memories.

What does Organic mean for you?


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