Why You Should Scrap Your Off-The-Shelf Curtains For Good

Look, we get it. For a long time, the quickest way to get your hands on a good set of window coverings was to run to the closest department store and buy them right off the shelf. But times have changed and Barn & Willow has made scoring a set of custom-made drapes or shades easier than ever. Still not convinced our window treatments are right for you? Here are six reasons why you should make the switch from off-the-shelf curtains to custom ones for good.

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1. You get better quality

Unlike off-the-shelf curtains that are often constructed from cheap synthetic materials, Barn & Willow’s shades and drapes are composed of finely made fabrics including organic-cotton and 100-percent Belgian linen woven at a factory in Meulebeke, Belgium that has been producing the flax-based fabric for over a century. Needless to say our high-quality window treatments will long outlive your store-bought ones.

2. You can customize everything

All of Barn & Willow’s Roman shades and drapes are made to order in India, where the linen fabric is cut and stitched to your specifications. This means you get to pick everything from the style and pleat to the fabric and color of your window coverings to suit your own unique home décor scheme.

You also get to choose from four of our different lining options, including unlined, privacy, blackout, and combination blackout and privacy, so you can rest assured you’re getting the most efficient window coverings for your home’s individual needs.

3. You get precise measurements

Since each Barn & Willow piece is custom stitched to your specifications, securing the right sized curtain or shade panel for your windows at home has never been easier. Our online ordering process requires you to simply enter the measurements of your windows. Need help figuring out your window measurements? No problem. Our online measuring tool will help guide you through the process in no time.

4. You get lots of options

Not only does Barn & Willow offer several styles of Roman Shades—including Flat, Pleated, Cascade, and Relaxed—to choose from, they also offer drapes in five different styles: Soft Top, 2 Pinch Pleat, 3 Pinch Pleat, Euro Pleat, and Grommet so you customize the fullness of your window coverings.

And since Barn & Willow know it might hard to choose from their 24 different color options, our site allows you to change the color of the background wall when looking at images of our window coverings on the website (just click the “color picker” tool to the right of the window frame). You can also order up to five free Fabric Swatches to help you decide, or rent some sample drapery panels for up to seven days to try them out in person.

5. You get a lot more bang for your buck

Believe it or not, your off-the-shelf curtains are costing you a lot more money in the long run. Typically charged at a 250-percent markup, Barn & Willow’s progressive manufacturing model results in only a 60-percent profit markup for comparable-quality shades and drapes. By removing layer after layer of unnecessary middlemen costs, Barn & Willow can deliver the best possible value to you.

What’s more, Barn & Willow gives back a portion of sales to support infrastructure improvements in small villages in India—where its shades and drapes are made—with the ultimate goal of improving access to education for local children.

6. You get everything shipped straight to your door

Why buy shades or drapes off the shelf when you can have beautifully customized ones delivered straight to your front door instead? Barn & Willow shades and drapes are shipped and delivered within 10 days, with all hardware included—so you don’t have to buy any additional accessories before installing them in your home. 

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