4 Ways to Keep Your Pleated Curtains From Seeming Dated

Here at Barn & Willow we’re all about pleats. Last week we talked about the different types that we offer: two-pinch pleats, three-pinch pleats, and the Euro pleat. We also made a little quiz to help you decide what sort of pleating option you should get. (If you haven’t taken the quiz yet, head on over here!)

Well, the results are out, and it’s overwhelmingly in favor of two-pinch pleats. We've put together a little promo for you - get $120 off your $500 order of pleated draperies with the code: PLEATEDDRAPESMAY. It's valid through May 27th, so get cracking!

Some of you might be wondering why you got a pleated drapery as a result. We factored in your home decor style, the length and width of the drapery, as well as how you want it to flow. Structured draperies are pleated versus our free-flowing soft top option.

Pinch pleats are exactly that - they’re “pinches” of fabric that are stitched together a few inches at the top. By making these pinches, the drapery fabric is able to fall downwards in an orderly fashion, allowing for control and greater fullness when closing the draperies.

While modern and contemporary design tends to shy away from pleats, they're not as traditional as they might seem. Pleats don't have to compromise your home decor style.

So we went ahead and stitched together some photos for some window treatment inspiration. 

Sheer It!

Left: Virtual Studio Innovations | Right: Luigi Rosselli Architects

Pinch pleats aren't just for privacy-lined draperies - they'e also perfect for sheers! The way the fabric falls uniformly allows for an airy yet structured feeling to the room without restricting light.

Pair them!

 Left: Patrick Sutton Associates | Right: Frederick + Frederick Architects

Pair blackout and sheer draperies to allow for greater privacy and light control. To hang, use a double rod with the sheers beneath the lined drapes.

Hit the floor

 Left: Houzz | Right: One Girl Interiors 

To keep the draperies feeling modern, keep the length just touching the floor. This will allow the drapes to feel lighter and less heavy, while giving you the light control you value. The puddled look, when paired with pinch pleats, tends to feel heavier and more opulent, giving it that traditional feeling.


Simple is best! 

 While we adore print, modern design is all about minimalism and simplicity. Because pleats already add a bit of texture to a drapery, we don't want to muddle that with patterns. Stick with plain colors in neutral tones.


Ready to get your pleated draperies?