Gray is the New Black

Gray is in – with hair, fashion, stationery, and especially home décor. This “color of the decade” is understated, expresses sophistication, and pairs well with anything.

So when sales show that our Belgian Flax Linen in Mist Gray is our most popular color, it comes as no surprise to us. We’re definitely a fan of the neutral shade, and it seems that you guys are too!

We’ve rounded up a few home décor pins from Pinterest that we’ve been loving lately.

There's a whole spectrum of grays at your disposal - and this Homepolish redesign mixes and matches grays in different shades and textures to create a beautiful and light-filled bedroom.

All the gray, all the pillows.

We typically recommend that customers choose draperies that are one shade darker or lighter than the color of their walls, and gray pairs beautifully with white walls. (Especially our Mist Gray fabric!)

Gray walls don't have to be intimidating or overbearing - how about a gray accent wall?

Or maybe just add a touch of gray to your cabinets.

And there's nothing wrong with painting everything gray!


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