How to make your small room look larger!

Not everyone has the luxury of space, but they can choose how they utilize it. When done correctly, even the tiniest room can seem like it has a ton of space.

Here’s our tips to utilize all the space you have in your room. 

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  1. Paint the walls!

While light colored walls reflect sunlight and make rooms seem larger, this really works the best in rooms with great lighting. Your humble abode can handle deep dark hues. The eyes are drawn to content of the room, allowing the darker walls to recede into the background. As opposed to stark white, the lines of the walls blend into the shadow, creating the illusion that the room is larger than it is.

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  1. Change the rod

Some might suggest to forgo draperies completely, but for those who appreciate privacy and longer sleep, that’s not an option. Sheer draperies, like our Belgian sheers in off-white are always a great choice in airing up a space, especially when they’re about the same shade as the rest of the room.

There’s an easier option though – just raise your drapery rod! By placing your rod a few inches from the ceiling, it gives the illusion of higher ceilings. If you have the wall space for it, try extending the rod past the width of the window, so that when opened the window appears wider.

 left: lucky pony | right: moonday
  1. Space it out

Many of us might not want to admit it, but life is not like an Instagram photo. Clutter is not conducive to making small rooms feel larger. The more items crammed in, the smaller a room feels. Might we suggest the Marie Kondo method of decluttering? Once you’ve got that done, space out the furniture! Larger pieces need not to rest against the walls; large pieces in empty help with the illusion that the room is larger than it is.

 left: the design chaser | right: archilovers
  1. Look at your reflection!

Mirrors are great for making a room look larger. Big mirrors are greats, with floor length mirrors making a room look taller, and long mirrors placed horizontally making a room appear wider. Place mirrors across from windows or behind large pieces of furniture to optimize their effect. If larger mirrors are out of the question, multiple smaller ones also work too.

5. Color Coordinate

Like we mentioned earlier with the paint colors, when the walls, floor, and furniture are the same color, or of similar hues, this creates a visual cohesion that allows the room to feel larger.


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